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Aerial Photographic Services


Over X Photography was founded to offer just this type of service.

Our name "Over X"  is rather simple. "X" marks the stop.

We are over that specific spot capturing the special event, conducting surveillance or creating a unique gift from about 500 to 1000 feet above the ground that you the customer specify.


Our platform is typically a single engine small fixed wing aircraft. These aircraft are often called General Aviation aircraft. They are able to access areas with little to no disturbance . This means you can have your event captured with little to no disturbance on the ground. Imagine the bride and groom leaving the church to find a noisy helicopter hovering above. We can capture the same images circling quietly in a fixed wing aircraft for much less and often times completely undetected. Our aircraft are unmarked meaning no signs or lettering on the outside. We can utilize several different aircraft to overfly sites with out the person or party on the ground realizing a pattern of activity.


Flight Team

Our Flight Team typically consists of a Pilot, Photographer and Ground Control or Spotter.

We can coordinate in conjunction with a photographer on the ground to capture these special moments from literally all angles.

We may in addition to the standard crew add a second photographer or add multiple aircraft to cover your event.

All of our Photographers are highly experienced and specialists in Aerial Photography. Each of our Pilots are at a minimum  Commercial Pilots licensed by the FAA. We only use seasoned, experienced pilots who have extensive time and practical experience flying at low altitudes and slow speeds.

Our preferred Aircraft Provider is Gateway Aviation at Queen City Airport (KXLL) in Allentown, PA


How this works

You contact us and tell us what you want. We will give you a quote for the service your requesting.  We will then conduct a ground survey prior to the event for our planning purposes. For example say you want us to overfly a wedding as the party is leaving the church and then a few sites afterwards. We need to mark the location with our GPS's and also assess for ground obstructions.

If you are asking us to overfly and shoot something like a home or a construction site, we will conduct the same survey and then at the discretion of our flight crew schedule according to the weather to get you the best photo by optimizing shooting conditions when possible.



Click here to request the most recent pricing list.

Rates are based on a per hour fee.

The hour is marked by the engine hour in the aircraft not by the hours on the clock.

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Airborne Photo Flights
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Disaster Reconnaissance / Damage Assessment

We are available in emergency situations to offer disaster assessment flyovers to our government and corporate customers.

Once we launch our aircraft we will be over your pre-determined location as soon as flight time allows.

We will then gather the requested images spending as much time in the air as our fuel capacity will permit and then deliver your images either electronically by email or FTP or on a CD hand delivered  to you as soon as the aircraft lands and the images are processed.

All of our images for this type of service are GPS tagged with the Latitude and Longitude as well as the elevation of the aircraft when the photo was taken.

Click here for a full size sample of a Geo-Tag Over X Photo of a rural area.

Click here for a full size sample of a Geo-Tag Over X Photo of a urban neighborhood.

Warning: This image is 6mb. Download may take some time.


Traditional Photography Services

While we typically offer aircraft based services we are equipped to offer the exact same services you would expect from a professional "ground" photographer. We work with many great photographers, so if we cant help you, we know someone who can.


Stock Images

When we are not flying we are shooting stock photography. Stock Images are the types of photos or graphics that advertisers and marketing individuals use in print and media advertisements. These are typically very powerful images that in a sense are very generic meaning they have no descript connection back to the persons or items in the photo, you wont find logos or brand specific things in Stock Images. We can work with your company or advertising department to create custom stock imagery that can be used in print or web media.



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